Probably your number one question is "How much does a 401k audit cost?"  

By drawing on our focused expertise, we are able to perform a detailed, efficient audit at a very competitive price.  As we are focused on building long standing relationships, we commit to giving you a fixed quote without future "surprise" billings

Fees for a limited scope 401(k) audit will vary based on the facts specific to your plan.  Many calendar year-end audits will range from $6,500 - $7,500 (Off calendar year-end audits are typically 15%-20% less).  Factors that may influence the fee of your 401k audit would include:

  • Size of the Plan
  • Timing of your engagement
  • Location of your office
  • Whether there are any hard to value investments held in the trust (i.e, employer stock, derivatives, etc.)
  • Current year changes such as mergers with other plans and changes in the plan's custodian / recordkeeper

To provide an accurate quote of your 401k plan, we request that you provide us with your Summary Plan Description (SPD).  Using this information, we can search publicly available information such as prior year tax returns and audit reports (when applicable) to determine an actual quote for your audit.

Note - Other employee benefit plan audits such 403(b) audits, profit sharing plan audits, and ESOP audits have too many variables to provide a generic flat quote.  For these plans, we request that you contact us to review the items necessary for an accurate quote.

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