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Welcome to Our Website!

Welcome to Dufek & Company, LLC - a specialty CPA firm focusing solely on 401k, 403b and other limited and full scope employee benefit plan audits. With offices in Chicago, Illinois and Southern Wisconsin our firm specializes in the following audits:

  • 401k Plan audit
  • 403b Plan audit
  • Profit Sharing Plan audit
  • Pension Plan audit
  • ESOP audit
  • Money Purchase Plan audit

As the most common employee benefit plan audit is a 401k audit, we have arranged our web site to detail how a typical 401k audit would unfold (both in terms of audit cost and the services you would be provided). Please note that many of our other audits will follow procedures and have a pricing structure that is similar to the 401k audits being described.

By spending a few minutes learning our process, we believe you will recognize that we have a model that can possibly save you thousands of dollars on your next employee benefit plan audit!

Why wait? Contact us to begin saving now!